Lifetime Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion NMC 532 Cell to be used as Benchmark

The research article presents the extensive test result of a cell using NMC 532 and aritificial graphite as the cathode and anode. By testing different electrolytes, each cell performance is compared based on calendar ageing, cyclic ageing, impact of fast charging and coloumbic efficiency of the cell. The battery degradation is also analysed post-mortem which showed no evidence of micro-cracking in the single crystal material after 5300 cycles, and no evidence of the loss of active materials.

All this concludes that the cell is projected to maintain 70% capacity after 10 years even when operating at 40C. Thus, this could be the battery that can stand as benchmark to make the notorious million kilometre lifetime battery.

Type: Technical research paper

Published in 2019

Title: A Wide Range of Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion Cell Chemistry to be used as Benchmarks for New Battery Technologies

Author: Jessie E. Harlow, Xiaowei Ma, Jing Li, Eric Logan, Yulong Liu, Ning Zhang, Lin Ma, Stephen L. Glazier, Marc M. E. Cormier, Matthew Genovese, Samuel Buteau, Andrew Cameron, Jamie E. Stark and J. R. Dahn

Publisher: Journal of the Electrochemical Society

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