The European Commission has placed great effort in promoting and harmonizing the EU's battery industry, with increased focus on renewable energy and the electrification of transport.

ReCell's policy analysis is centered in Europe and how the EC's regulatory framework is translated into legislation at individual Member States. To not lose sight of the global battery market, our analysis covers two other notable regions: China and the United States.


Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

A cradle-to-cradle approach to battery manufacturing.

Western Europe

Belgium, Ireland, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Setting the direction for the continent's battery revolution.

Central Europe

Austria, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Switzerland

The beating heart of Europe's battery production.

Eastern Europe

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia

Opportunities meet development.

Southern Europe

Italy, Portugal and Spain

Where the sun shines light on the road ahead.


As of 2019, the world's top five Li-ion battery producers were located in Asia and accounted for close to 80% of the global market, making the region an essential piece of the Li-ion battery value chain. Following the Chinese companies CATL and BYD, the next three biggest manufacturers are Panasonic from Japan, and LG Chem and Samsung from South Korea. American EV manufacturer Tesla brings the United States to the world stage with its gigafactory in Nevada, a product of a partnership with Panasonic for the production and supply of batteries to its growing fleet of electric vehicles.


How will the world's battery factory build up a sustainable value chain?

United States

A look across the Atlantic for lessons and experiences.

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The content on this website was created from Autumn 2019 to Summer 2020 during the InnoEnergy SELECT master programme.

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